Our Human Filters - March 2021

What keeps us seeing what's there?

By Monika Muranyi

Are you aware that you are a piece of God? That means there is God in you and all Humans have divinity within them. It also means that we are able to communicate with God, Angels, our ancestors and Mother Earth. What about those who don’t believe in any of this? What keeps them from seeing the light of God? What about those who believe in a judging God – a God who wants to punish Humans and includes a plan for ultimate suffering? Is it possible they also have filters? Would these filters prevent them seeing deeper truths about God? God is pure love. God is not separate from us, but is part of us, yet many never experience this divine connection! Why?

In two channelled messages from Kryon, through Lee Carroll, we discover new concepts about the filters that prevent our connection with God, and the energy of the Creator. These filters are really about our life experience and are summarized in the following six categories:

Filter One – Growing Up

In the process of growing up you had lessons about what to believe, what not to believe, how to survive, what to watch out for, and how to act. You learned about what makes you happy and sad, and you developed your social personality. You learned about other Human Beings and were imprinted by your parent’s attitudes, behaviors, and your social environment. All of this is a filter.

Growing up is your social filter that makes you a certain way as a Human Being, and shapes how you deal with things in life. It becomes your Human nature. It also explains why someone from a foreign land, who is very different to you, has a different social filter. You might do things that would offend or shock them, but to you it’s normal. This filter taints what you see, what you believe, and what others tell you to believe. It is strong and if someone wants to change it, it is threatening.

Filter Two - Spiritual

What have you been told about God? Who is God? Do you even believe in God? How do you communicate with God? Is it possible God knows your name? Some of you have been told God will punish you for various reasons. Is that your God? The spiritual filter changes and you then accept or deny what you’ve been taught by others. Sometimes it’s part of the growing up filter. For example, your parents take you to church, and you either make this belief yours or not, depending on whether it feels right to you. Sometimes you continue going to church simply because your parents did. You may go until you find something better or more logical. Your spiritual filters are sometimes unique to your beliefs. What about what you’ve learned in metaphysics? Does it mean you always have to believe what you previously learned? Can you see how the spiritual filter can apply to anyone from any belief system?

Your spiritual filter is important for life, for how you see God then tempers how your life goes and what you will do. Are you fearful? Are you joyful? Do you believe the end of life creates another life or does it create punishment or judgment? If you don’t believe in God, this is also a filter, which actually stops you from seeing or experiencing the love of God.

Filter Three - Gender

Believe it or not, the gender filter is very important, especially in certain cultures. It affects how you behave in certain company. What was the model of your gender like? What did your mother tell you about what a woman should be like? You either honored it and did it, or rebelled and didn’t. Either way, it made an effect. A man has the same kind of thing. What did your father tell you about what a real man does? The gender filter is a strong one and defines you with other genders. It also affects how you look at God. The male gender filter is often less receptive to that which is gentle compared to the female gender filter. God – the Creative Source of all things – is the most gentle, benevolent, easy to love. Easy meaning it flows; you don’t have to push it. The benevolent love of God flows into you if you let it. Sometimes the male gender filter will say no.

Women have their own issues when it comes to gender filters. One is that God seems to be a male. If you are female how do you feel in an organized religious structure where there are all males? Would you say, act or behave the same way if there were all females? That’s a filter.

Filter Four - Logic

Even if you don’t consider yourself scientific or logically minded, everyone has a logic filter. Things must make sense to you for you to participate. There is logic in all decisions based on survival. The logic filter sits on top, weighing all the other filters, and makes a decision that things are real or not real based upon the logic of the day. Your logic filter is limited. It means you can’t judge something as logical or not if there is no experience to compare it to. There is nothing to calculate and assess it, if there is no model. The logic filter wants to weigh common sense to what is presented in front of you.

If someone tells you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, your logic filter will have you laugh, because you know better. What about when someone like Lee Carroll sits in a chair and starts channelling Kryon? Many will instantly dismiss it because their logic filter tells them it’s not possible. This is related to the first two, in that your logic is working by what you were told by your parents, and perhaps your church.. Now we have four filters and it should be obvious that they modify one another – and we still have others to come!

Filter Five - Professional

Not everyone has this filter, but those who are professionals do, because it’s about additional training and learning – all which create what you believe. What have you learned about the reality of physics, science, chemistry, mathematics, history, anthropology, or biology? What is your profession and how would that become a filter that would get in the way of seeing the light of God? The professional filter works very well with the growing-up filter. The reason is because socially you don’t want to be a fool. Fools don’t survive. They are ridiculed and cast out. If you’ve learned things a certain way and you even think for a moment that channelled messages from Kryon are real, you flash back to what people will think of you. Are you foolish?

If you’re a physicist and you encounter channeled information (from a mysterious entity called Kryon), and Kryon says there are two missing laws of physics, you react with a filter of doubt or total dismissal. You’ve spent your life trying your best to figure everything out, and you have learned from the best teachers. However, if you are part of team of physicists that make a discovery proving two new laws of physics, you celebrate it! Then you start to rewrite your filter. The difference between these two is in the way you were taught to accept truth. When it comes to an entity named Kryon rewriting it, that’s different. Can you see the bias of the professional filter? There is no consideration for acceptance of anything new, unless it is produced in the way you have learned.

Filter Six - Knowledge

The biggest filter that keeps Humans from actual truth is knowledge. Humans base the future on what they know or believe, even though they know better! For example, in the past many Humans died because there was no understanding of germs or need for sterilization. Modern doctors know this, and laugh at how far we have come. So doctors absolutely know new medical breakthroughs are coming; yet they are also absolutely and completely closed to the path it will come from. They just think, it will be an advancement of what they currently know. In other words, there is no allowance for a completely new paradigm. It’s always just going to be an addendum to what they already have studied.

The bias is the same for almost all industries. A computer scientist expects advancements from what has happened in the past few years. Therefore, the future of computers will be better electronics, increasing speeds in processing, reduced size and increased memory capacity. Kryon hints that where it’s going has no model. Kryon has indicated that in fifty years from now, there will still be computers, but they will be completely and totally different. Instead of changing electronic chips, you will change biology chips. There will be a part of computing that must have the chemistry of life to work. Bio-computing is the wave of the future. What you think of as a “computer” will be very different Believable? Not with logic or any of the above filters.

One of Kryon’s favorite expressions is, “You don’t know what you don’t know!” What this means is that we take what we do know and extrapolate what to expect. The knowledge filter is one of the largest restrictions there is to real truth, since Humans have decided that what they know sets the template for what is coming. A person who only sees in black and white simply gets more shades of grey. Color is not an option, since it has never been seen.

Where are you in the filter scenario? What is it that you won’t let go of and why? Kryon tells us to take the attributes of mastery. What are these attributes of a master? In simple terms it means being a loving person who people want to be with. Be balanced and compassionate. If somebody comes to you, feel comfortable enough to hold them, hug them, listen to what they have to say, cry with them, and laugh with them in joy. This is what the masters of this planet have done. It’s going to give you longer life, a peaceful life, and a self-balancing countenance. Old Souls like you, who are thinking beyond the box of the way it used to be, are the beginning of shift. You’re the ones who are going to make the difference on the planet.

The way to dissolve the filters and see the truth on this planet is not by studying another doctrine. Instead, revelation develops on its own through the high energy of compassion, love and benevolent action. Spiritual common sense begins to relax the filters and create choices you never thought you had before.

Source: From complete Kryon channel on The Human Filters http://www.kryon.com/CHAN2015/k_channel15_totowa-15.html

Source: From complete Kryon channel on The BIGGEST Filter of All http://www.kryon.com/CHAN2015/k_channel15_saltlake-15.html

Monika Muranyi Monika's Bio: Monika Muranyi is the author of The Gaia Effect, The Human Akash, and The Human Soul Revealed (published by Ariane Editions in Canada). These books are subject-driven information from the Kryon channellings as given by Lee Carroll, the original Kryon channel. Dozens of formerly unseen answers from Kryon are featured in these books. Monika shares a deep affinity and connection with our planet Earth, Gaia. For over 15 years she worked as national park ranger in Australia and New Zealand. Following a spiritual awakening Monika began to explore the deeper mysteries of the universe. Monika has lived and travelled to many places throughout the world. She has participated in several sacred ceremonies with indigenous Shamans in Hawaii and South America. Monika’s books provide wonderful summaries and explanations of what Kryon says are happening right now regarding our Soul, the Akash and the new Gaia consciousness. Thanks to her work we now have a greater spiritual understanding about our planet and humanity. - Monika Muranyi Website - Email

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