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Let's Hear it for the Boys! - March 2021

By Deanna Klan

Often I am asked by women if I do treatments for men as they think that their boyfriend or husbands would enjoy the same services that they do. Perhaps you have wondered this or the man in your life has expressed an interest himself, but has some questions. So here are some answers that may help.

Men are always welcome at aesthetic salons and spas, and there are a number of services that are designed to specifically for them. One of the most common reasons men go to spas is for waxing. Back waxes not only make the skin soft and smooth, they make men feel cooler in Summer and more confident at the beach or pool. Some men who have a career where they sit for extended periods, like pilots and cab drivers can have problems with ingrown hairs and blemishes on the skin of their backs and waxing takes care of this too. Other waxing services for men include chest and brows (the uni-brow). It takes about 30 mins, lasts for about 6 weeks or more and the regrowth is reduced and softer than before.

Callouses, cracked heels and toenail problems are not just women's issues, men can benefit from having a professional pedicure as well. They will come away with tips on how to care for their feet at home and who doesn't like to have a really good foot massage? We depend on our feet to do so much for us everyday and without healthy feet our independence is severely impacted.

Similarly manicures can be great for men whose careers or hobbies affect their fingernails. Having a really good cuticle treatment can prevent hangnails and rough snags from developing or treat those already present. Knowing how to shape men's fingernails and how long to keep them can be an issue for some guys, and so a manicure can give them the tools to successfully care for them at home. A little TLC goes a long way and if it makes it nicer to hold hands with them, then it is a win win situation.

Facials for men and boys can give answers to any skin care issues they can have. Mild glycolic treatments can help immensely with blocked pores, breakouts and oily skin. Many guys don't really know how to care for their skin on a daily basis and having a professional skin analysis and guidelines for care can be very helpful.

The most common reason men book appointments is for massage, relaxation massage can help with stress, aches and pains and promote good sleep. It is common for men to have a massage after exerting themselves in sports, at work or to just really enjoy a vacation.

A great way to introduce a man to the idea of a spa service is through a gift certificate, and to make it even easier why not book a couples service? This is where you have pedicures or facials or whatever treatments you like together, and he can have someone he knows to take cues from or simply to chat with. And you never know – he just may treat you next time!

Deanna KlanDeanna's Bio: Deanna Klan has enjoyed being a licensed esthetician since 1986 and she combines her love of natural organic essences and healing energies at her salon. Specializing in organic facials for: Rosacea, Acne and Aging Skins. Deanna Klan has an impressive line-up of facial techniques including crystal therapy, healing energy and harmonic frequencies. Using organic and wild-crafted skin care products with world class facial and body massage techniques to give extraordinary results for the body, mind and soul. She uses organic skin care products that are paraben free and chemical free. Deanna can be reached at Daydream Esthetics Studio, 1329 Kilwinning St, Penticton, 250 490-1233. Deanna has a column called 'Natural Beauty' and has written for OK In Health since July 2009. - Email


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