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The Facts Behind “The Law of Attraction” - January 2020

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Goodness, If I had a dime for every time I heard a person say to me; “Yes, I saw the movie and The Law of Attraction is about thinking about what you want and you will get it”

Well, let me set the record straight right now; No, that is not true, it is not even close to true!!

Now, let’s start from scratch shall we. Here is how the “The Law of Attraction” works. I want to provide you with clarity and put an end to the misinformation out there on something so critical in our daily lives.

First, you are a consciousness energy field. Your physical body is not what you think it is. Your physical body is actually an energy field whose vibration has been lowered to allow your spirit to live inside you and experience the 5 senses of the human feeling body. Angels admire that we can feel different feelings, did you know that?

Albert Einstein once said:

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we call matter is energy whose vibration has been so lowered to be perceptible to the senses,…. There is no matter”

Just wrap your head around that one for a minute or 10. We have all been so heavily programmed to separate ourselves from our true self. Science and Western Medicine had the run of the show for so long, that even those who have studied The Law of Attraction still refer to the physical body as a separate entity from the auric and multi-dimensional conscious energy fields that make up all that you are. Your Aura is a field of energy that is who you really are. Do you understand and accept that?

Now, you are a field of energy. The colors in your auric field represent a range of emotions. Those emotions are tied into your current beliefs about yourself and others.

Within that energy field is another extremely important component of your physical and mental reality creating ability. That component is called INFORMATION. Information is stored in your Belief Systems very similar to how a computer stores information on a hard drive. Your personal hard drive is contained within each strand of DNA. This information is the catalyst that merges with your energy field to generate your current perception of your day to day, moment to moment reality. No matter what you experience in your day to day life, you create it, pleasant or unpleasant!

What is Consciousness Energy?

Consciousness or the unity one consciousness; aka The Ether Field as science calls it is defined as:


“a neutrally participating energy wave which corresponds to intent, and by which, alters the state of electromagnetic particles.”


Let us examine this statement before we go on. First, consciousness energy is a “neutrally participating energy wave”.


That simply means that this energy field does not create anything unless something is added to it. Consciousness energy fields are always in a state of massive unlimited potential. Something has to merge with this energy field to create the miracle of your life.


Now let’s look at the rest of the statement:


 “which corresponds to intent, and by which, alters the state of electromagnetic particles”.


My personal definition of intention is; “It is an energy wave of longing that allows humans to begin the process of manifesting a physical reality”.   


 The first step in the manifestation process is all intentions must pass through door #1 which is your belief system. That wave of longing energy is deposited straight into your belief systems. The first thing your belief system does is compare the longing information to the information you have stored in your beliefs to see if they match. If they don’t, your belief system always trumps your intention. This is why some people get frustrated with those who teach the Law of Attraction because it is not as simple as they make it.


The type of information you carry in your beliefs about yourself, (worthy or unworthy), carries a frequency that alters the state of electromagnetic particles you call matter. The reality you create is a mirror image of the worthiness or unworthiness information you believe in your subconscious mind. Notice I said subconscious mind!


You manifest through a process of energy waves that originates from your subconscious beliefs that create thoughts and feelings. This is your inner world. Those thoughts and feelings generate words and actions that manifest results. This is your outer world.


Please take a look at this flowchart of manifestation at the top of the page:

Notice there are two boxes at the side extending out from your beliefs; one with fear and one with love. Each box carries a vastly different frequency. One creates pain and limitation, struggle, anger, guilt, shame, etc., and the other creates what you really long for, healing, joy, inner peace, abundance, love. 

Now, let us get back to the Law of Attraction. You will always magnetically attract to you the mirror equivalent of what you believe about yourself. Remember, you are an electromagnetic energy field called consciousness. You are a magnetic energy field. What do magnets do? Attract other magnetic energies, right?  That is how the Law of Attraction works.


 Inside your DNA is where you store millions of bits of information, most of which has fear, limitation and struggle as its core. That kind of information permeates your energy fields and is projected out into your environment to attract to you uncomfortable life experiences. It has to; that is how the Law of Attraction works.


So, The Law of Attraction is the manifestation of an energy field called consciousness merged with bits of information called Beliefs. The type of frequency you are sending out depends on the bias of your beliefs, (Worthy or Unworthy). Tell the universe you are unworthy, attract life experiences to feel unworthy, tell the universe you are worthy of love, attract experiences to feel loved.

Bruce Lipton, a great scientist and author wrote: “95 to 99 % of your core beliefs creating your reality are stored in your subconscious mind, not your brain.”

I say; “What tool have we been taught to use to manifest our lives? - Our Brain” You may have noticed how completely ineffective that is. That is why many say the Law of Attraction does not work, but now you know differently. Your brain is not your mind or your subconscious mind. It is a tool that has extremely limited manifesting abilities. So, if you think you can use your brain to trick god to manifest what you deserve, well, sorry you have to let that go now. You have the basic facts about The Law of Attraction now.

Henry Ford once said:

“Whether you believe you can do it or not, you are always right!”

Look at what he accomplished. Look at what he says about belief in self. I think he knew something about the Power of Beliefs and The Law of Attraction.

What you believe about yourself is what you create. The Law of Attraction simply manifests a physical and mental reality based on the information in your beliefs.

It is in your best interest to discover what lies deep within you regarding your core beliefs. I help clients reprogram beliefs to generate new Law of Attraction results that heal pain, stress, depression and bring more love and abundance into their life. It takes work, a commitment to loving yourself and authenticity.

I welcome your comments and questions.


Written by Rocky Krogfoss – President of New Beginnings Therapy Healing and Educational Services, a Quantum Energy Healer, Life Coach, and Stress Reduction Counselor.  Rocky has specialized in Distance Healing for over 10 years with chronic physical pain or mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. He has a modern science approach that treats the issues at the source, emotional energy. My success rate is 98%. Appearing as a guest on 35 radio shows over the last 2 years, I have helped thousands of people understand the true nature and science of energy medicine. Contact Rocky at Cell: 604-802-6390    or on Facebook: New Beginnings Therapy Healing and Educational Services.

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