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Iridology - November 2013

As A Window To Physical, Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional Healing

By Ean Langille, Penticton, BC

Did you know that there are many German and Russian doctors who currently use Iridology (iris analysis) with their patients? Are you aware of the growing momentum of Iridology in the United States and Canada? Why are more people turning to Iridology for answers? Have you discovered how valuable Iridology is to understand more about yourself physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally?

It is time. Your eyes hold the key to what you seek. From birth, the iris holds a specific structure or divine blueprint of who you are. The eye structure you have with its specific formation is distinct from every other person and will not change throughout your lifetime. You can think of your iris as showing your specific constitutional make-up, which gives information as to the inherent strengths in the body and the potential areas of disturbance.

The more stress there is on the body the more likely that it will manifest in the area where it is the least resilient. By knowing where you are least resilient eliminates fear by giving you insight on how to prevent problems from showing up in your life. There are also changes in the eye that occur in your lifetime. Iris markings and color changes show up in the iris based on the amount of toxicity the body is exposed to, nutrient deficiencies, and physical/emotional stress. The iris is literally trying to communicate with you by being the external screen, which mirrors the internal physiological and emotional processes.

The eye is the most brilliant piece of art that exists. Woven within the tapestry of the eye is your very nature. Your iris picks up the potential for the type of personality you have and what your greatest challenges and lessons are in your life. How can the iris do this? Every thought you have carries a chemical that either strengthens or depresses your nervous system. Because your eye is neuro-muscular it picks up the dominant messages from the nervous system and registers it in the iris. How and where the body registers it depends on your unique chemistry and where the strong and weak links are in your constitution.

By understanding your eye you are receiving information that is rare, valuable, and life changing. It is a decision to know thyself and be willing to go deeper in the journey of self-discovery. Physically, it is possible to have dramatic changes with various health concerns. Mentally and emotionally you learn how to let go of thoughts and feelings that are adversely affecting your quality of life. Spiritually, you recognize your divinity and special gift you offer to this world.

Iridology is becoming more popular as people are asking great questions and knowing that the answers exist within themselves. The meeting place of your intellectual and intuitive nature is mirrored in your eyes. This fascinating and non-invasive way to receive messages and take action physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally is unparalleled.

Ean LangilleEan's Bio: Total Wellness, Penticton

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