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Inka Medicine Wheel - November 2013

By Shirley Pretty, Coldstream, BC

The Inka Medicine wheel is a program of teachings brought to North America by Alberto Villoldo. These Peruvian teachings guide one to reconnect to the Mother Earth through the use of the four directions. One works to master the path of the Shaman at a very deep level. Working with the directions one takes a journey of self healing.

At each direction an archetype is used to discover aspects that the archetype represents.

In the South, the Serpent helps us shed our skin of the past.

In the West, we use the Jaguar to teach us about life, death and rebirth. She shows us how to walk in both worlds.

The North with Hummingbird brings us to a place of learning directly from the ancient ones, the lineage of Light carriers.

The East brings us to Eagle where we develop vision and peace.

To look above that what is and 'see' the real picture. The destiny of which we are becoming and connection to spirit. Throughout the four directions one builds a Healing Mesa. This mesa is built with Kuya stones that are empowered to work with us on our daily lives. "The Medicine Wheel" is more than an anthropological curiosity.

In a world where we have forgotten how to live with courage or die with dignity, and where we are haunted by a history shaped by violence, a 'map' to the rediscovery of our personal and planetary Spirit is of the greatest value.

When we discover the way of the Luminous Warrior, we find peace and have no further need for adversity.
When we embrace the way of the visionary, we no longer need to weave the future with the frayed threads of the past.
When we learn the ways of Mastery, we awaken from the 'personal dream' into the world of the 'sacred dream'.
 ~Alberto Villoldo. PhD

My personal experience has been one of total magic. The knowledge of personal empowerment and peace within has been without description. I would encourage anyone who is willing to go into the dark corners of self to consider a journey around the medicine wheel.


Shirley PrettyShirley's Bio: Maya Healing Centre, Coldstream, BC - Email

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