Homeopathy and Flu - November 2013

Or the Common Cold

By Sara Fitzharris, Kelowna, BC

Vegetables - Peppers, Mushrooms, Cellary, Onions

For many people the winter season brings with it a lowering of spirits. We spend more time indoors, want to eat more and may feel less energetic or inclined to exercise. These are all natural responses, but they can make us more susceptible to illness.

Can illness ever be good for us? A strange question maybe, but the fact is that sometimes illness can have beneficial effects. It can be a way for the body to detox and regenerate. It also builds the immune system creating better immunity against a whole array of viruses or illnesses. Often getting flu or a cold will require you to stay at home, rest more, eat healthier, lighter foods and look after yourself a little better. Providing people give themselves a proper recovery time they are often more energetic and feel healthier afterwards. Of course, recurring illness can have the opposite effect lowering the immune system making you weaker and more susceptible.

Where can you find relief for the symptoms of coughs, colds and influenza that will help your body rather than harm it? Many will pay a visit to the pharmacy to get throat lozenges, headache relief, cough syrup etc. However, relief can also be gained through the correct and informed use of homeopathic remedies (see below). The positive side to this being that you will be helping your body overcome the virus in a natural, healthy way rather than suppressing symptoms, which can be detrimental to health in the long term.

For those who are new to homeopathy it is a natural system of medicine that works by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms. Relief from symptoms can be gained as well as helping the body to eliminate the virus and be stronger following the recovery. Unfortunately, when illness is suppressed (e.g. from the repeated use of antibiotics) we often see the development of more chronic complaints or the worsening of a chronic condition that was already present.

Easy ways to stay healthy and hopefully prevent flu include:

    <lTissue box and used tissuesi>Enjoying life! There is a lot to be said for the quote “Live, laugh, love”. Do things that make you happy – indulge your creative side.
    Tissue box and used tissues
  • Regular exercise
  • Spending time outside in sunlight/daylight (Vitamin D is activated in the skin by the UVB radiation in sunlight. Vitamin D switches on genes in macrophages (immune system cells) that make the body’s own “antibiotics” (antimicrobial peptides). Like antibiotics, these peptides attack and destroy bacteria; but unlike antibiotics, they also attack and destroy viruses. Therefore the body’s own immune system can be much more effective at fighting the flu virus – whichever strain it may be.
  • Eating a good diet comprising 60-80% fruit and vegetable – avoid too much sugar as this acts as an immune suppressor.
  • Lots of fresh filtered water every day to cleanse the system – don’t forget that thirst is one of the last signs of dehydration rather than one of the first.
  • Appropriate amounts of sleep/rest and manageable levels of stress should be maintained as much as possible – getting sick is often our body’s cry for some rest and rejuvenation.

Remedies often prescribed for flu:

In homeopathy, remedies are prescribed for the person rather than the complaint. For example, if five people consult a homeopath, all suffering with symptoms of the flu, they may all need a different remedy. Here are brief descriptions of three of the most frequently indicated homeopathic remedies:

Gelsemium – is given where the body feels heavy – heavy limbs, head and eyelids. There will be chills, muscular pains and thirstlessness as well as trembling and a feeling of extreme weakness.

Eupatorium perfoliatum – high fever and unbearable aching. Pain in the bones. Chills and a thirst for cold drinks.

Bryonia – Aching and severe headache where any movement aggravates these symptoms. Hot, dry and thirsty. You want to be left alone, not touched or moved.

Whilst there are some remedies available to buy at local health food shops, others may only be available from a homeopath. Homeopaths often stock first aid kits containing anywhere between 18-42 of the most frequently required remedies. A small booklet is enclosed to give guidance on which remedies to use and when. It is important to remember that taking homeopathic remedies is not like taking conventional medicine – it will not suppress the symptoms, but will help the body to deal with the problem whilst easing symptoms at the same time.
Dealing with illness at it’s source rather than masking symptoms means that consulting a homeopath for your overall health is often the best option – it will help achieve maximum health and help your immune system to be strong, naturally and effectively reducing illness to a minimum. To find a registered homeopath in your area try consulting the BC Society of Homeopaths website at: www.bcsh.ca

Have a happy, healthy winter season!

Sara FitzharrisSara's Bio: Having studied in England, Sara now lives in the beautiful Okanagan and practices from her home on the Westside of Kelowna. Contact Sara Fitzharris at Horizon Homeopathic 250 769 7280 or email. - Sara Fitzharris Website - Email

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