Giving and Receiving - November 2015

By Pascale Lutz


How when you receive, you feel like giving and when you give, you always get back your what you put out, your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your consideration for others, but in ways and from sources you would not expect! When we help others, we really are helping ourselves!

I was returning from a trip to France recently on St Patrick’s Day. I had overloaded my suitcase by 3kg as I was bringing back lots of food and presents. So when I came to the check-in and the girl told me that I had to pay extra, I wasn’t surprised and I asked her how much. She told me that I had to go back upstairs to the Aer Lingus desk and that the fee was €24. So off I went to the counter and there was a young man there in his early 30’s counting his cash very carefully. My initial thought was that he didn’t have enough money. 

I told the girl behind the desk that my suitcase was overweight and that I owed money. She printed a sheet and without her telling me how much I owed her, I gave her a €50 note knowing how much it was. She gave me some change and without checking it, I thanked her and headed for the lift. It was only then that I thought of checking it and noticed that she had given me €42 change. She had only charged me €8. I decided that it would be better to be honest straight away as otherwise it would show up later and I’d end up being late for my flight as I’d be trying to sort it out. I turned back and told the girl about her error. She apologized, thanked me for my honesty and typed another page on her computer.

Meanwhile, the poor lad beside me was still counting his money. He approached me and in very bad English, even worse than mine, told me that he was short €20 for his flight home. I don’t know where he was from but he seemed really genuine. My first instinct, I am ashamed to say, was to tell him I couldn’t help him thinking that €20 is a lot of money. As I was turning away, a very bizarre phenomenon happened. Independently of my will, I opened my purse, took a €20 note and gave it to him with a smile thinking of what it would be like to be in that predicament. He was so grateful that his eyes filled up and he couldn’t even find the words to thank me. The girl at the counter commented that it was really kind of me but all I could think was what if it had been me. I strongly suspected my angels were in cahoots over what had happened and had whispered or rather shouted in my ear as I had no control over giving the money. I smiled at the thought.

I turned away, smiling goodbye to the young man and the girl and went back downstairs, with a spring in my step. I was really happy to have helped him. I arrived back at the check-in to show the girl the receipt that I had indeed paid my fine but she said she didn’t need it, the receipt was for my records. I realised that I could have bluffed my way through it, she wouldn’t have noticed that I had only paid €8 but if I had done that, which would have been dishonest of me, I wouldn’t have been able to help that poor fellow. So I figured everything happens for a reason.

When I arrived in Cork, Xav was there to collect me and when I asked him if there was any food at home as I was starving he told me there was pizza.  I wanted something more nourishing so I suggested going to a supermarket and picking up some things. On the way I told him what had happened at the airport and he agreed that I had done the right thing. We were in Douglas Court, heading for the food department when we bumped into a friend of ours who was desperately looking for a present for his wife for Mother’s Day. I suggested a few places where he might find something when he said to me that his wife had admired some jewelry I had made recently and suggested that he buy it from me for her. It was a true case of when you give, you receive. I gave the guy €20 in the morning and I earned €25 with the sale of my jewelry just a few hours later. It is really true that when we help others, we really are helping ourselves!

Pascale LutzPascale's Bio: My name is Pascale. I am originally from France and have been living in Ireland since 1985 with my French husband Xavier. I adore animals, cats in particular, and even though we haven’t got one, I love feeding (and cuddling) all our neighbour’s cats, who consider our home as their luxury residential holiday home! I’m trying to keep fit so I go to the gym regularly and love rollerblading, when the Irish weather permits, ahem! We currently live in Douglas, Cork, Ireland. I am a bass player in a brilliant rock and blues band, a fully qualified beauty therapist since 1983, an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner since 2007, (Emotional Freedom Technique, which is like acupuncture without the needles and releases the emotional charge attached to as problem or an issue) and an IET therapist since 206 (Integrated Energy Therapy, which is healing with the angels). You don’t have to be in Cork for an EFT session, as it can be conducted on Skype. In May 2012 I published a book about angels and my healing journey called “Always there for you”. It also tells how I arrived in Ireland, the differences between France and Ireland, language, food, you name it, you’ll laugh at my culture shock! I make my own jewellery to cater for every taste and pieces can be made on demand at no extra cost. I currently have a monthly column on the OK in Health eMagazine. - Pascale Lutz Website - Email

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