Evoke Being With Spring Fever - April 2020

Energize your visions and intentions - allow being

By Emily Matweow

happy bee

Simply put, Spring, Easter and Passover all symbolize the arrival of new life.  With new life comes expectations of abundance, recognition of new freedoms and hopes for the future.  The most noticeable arrivals heralding spring are bees and butterflies.  As totems, bees signify organization, commitment and fertility; butterflies represent metamorphosis: transitions to new, more light-hearted ways of being.  This is the rational explanation our intellect provides. 


The non-rational, or intuitive, explanation suggests that new life is sensible, sane, and lucid with possibilities of contrariness, frivolity and even absurdity.  Sounds interesting and it has the possibility for fun!  Imagine yourself a youngster – human or animal - fully inebriated by the magic of spring fever and frolicking exuberantly, delightfully, in the sun’s warmth, in the air’s freshness in the place where everything is possible.  How inspiring.  But when I asked you to “imagine” I sent you to an intellectual rendering of spring fever.  If I now ask you to “feel” spring, would your response be different?  Would your exuberance and delight be a reaction to feeling the vibration in the warming soil and air, the increased daylight or the awakening life flowing in the trees?   Consider how great it would be if you exercised not just your physical but also your intuitive muscles... observing and discovering things around you in nature and opening to the levels of information supporting and guiding you. 


Your intuition recognizes there are many things within and around you to be perceived with new sight.  This spring allow your intuition to see all of your personal gifts differently and begin to use them in more diverse and profound ways than you have been taught or even considered.  Your intuition has the organization, commitment and fruitfulness of the bee and awaits the butterfly’s embodiment of new ways of being.


Spring, with its fresh promises pushes you into using your innate intuitive abilities – pushes you to evolve innovative results that fully express your true self.  All necessary resources are present and empowering you.  The beauty and power of Earth’s springtime is shifting your ability to embrace that which has been hidden in plain sight within you.  Are you seeing or feeling it?  Are you knowing it?  Are you hearing, tasting, touching or smelling it?  Are you sensing from within in all ways seemingly new?  It is your time.


The conscious communities you are creating provide fertile ground for growing your intuitive abilities.  Like-minded people are sharing their joy as the seeds of everyone’s intuition, no longer dormant, are blossoming into fruition.  What are you preparing to harvest first?  What creation or re-invention is your intuition inviting you to attempt and accomplish?  Please drink the first wine of Spring, become feverish with its inebriating qualities, and consciously, with your intuitive common-sense, begin improving your life.


You have been inventing perfect tribes through your creation of conscious communities.  It is time to shift your conscious focus.   Let Spring Fever energize your visions and intentions.  Go within; go beyond.  Allow yourself to evoke being.



Emily  MatweowEmily 's Bio: When the Fairy Godmother said to Cinderella, “Impossible things are happening every day.” she was speaking a universal truth – a truth that speaks to the impossible impact of Emily Matweow’s intuitive healing skills. She facilitates profound healing with individuals, and performance enhancing re-awakenings with businesses. Emily is the founder of Maverick Medicine and author of “The IN Club – Consciously Evolving Your Intuition” who sees the fast track to “impossible” personal or business breakthroughs. Whether clients show-up with courage and openness, or come jaded and desperate, they must be willing to walk with her to that place where all things are possible. Tapping into this place, becoming the best you were designed to be, means letting go and embodying the everyday magic that is already in you. Em’s own magical transformation came when she was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) and told she would be hearing and vision impaired, lucky if only a paraplegic. Today she stands before us, living proof that the impossible is possible. Dare to have your “impossibles” – there’s adventure and healing waiting. - Emily Matweow Website


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