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Emotions and the Immune System - November 2013

By Caroline Sutherland


It is now well known that the status of the immune system is affected by the emotions. Cancer, lupus, arthritis, MS, Aids, and Alzheimer’s disease are all serious illnesses and are affected by a weakened immune system.

Dr. Candace Pert’s powerful scientific research regarding the immune system and its link to emotions is documented in her fascinating, and my all time favorite book,  Molecules of Emotion. It speaks of a brilliant female scientist, a voice in the dark, and her courage in bringing her medical knowledge, research, and insight out into the world of mainstream science against great odds.

A strong emotional body is necessary for a strong immune system. According to Dr. Pert, not only are there organs related to the immune system such as: the thymus, spleen, lymph glands, adrenal glands etc., but every cell in our body has a component of the immunity blueprint encoded within it.

From my medical intuitive perspective, I have found that when a particular decision is made in life, that it must be fully embodied and accepted by the person on all levels or physical symptoms will likely manifest. This is due to the misalignment of the rational mind and the knowing heart.

For example if the decision is made to stay in an unhappy relationship, a dissatisfying job, or to adopt certain lifestyle choice, sexual preference, etc., no matter what the head is saying, the heart and every cell in the body “knows” that it must be in agreement or it is living a lie.

Emotions and decisions that are operating at cross-purposes within can play a huge role in illness and chronic symptoms.  Do all that you can to examine the depth of emotion that you carry and use this as a tool to strengthen yourself on all levels.

Anger, resentment and unresolved issues can trigger physical reactions both subtle and dramatic. Seek ways to release these buried emotions. Anger directed outwardly is often a reflection of unresolved issues within. Traditional counseling is not necessarily the route to follow for everyone. I often find that people spend unnecessary time in never-ending counseling when there are many effective emotional releasing techniques available. I personally recommend the emotional freedom Technique (EFT) or (EMDR) Eye Movement Desensitizing and Repatterning.

Depression, which we can all feel from time to time, is the opposite of expression. What is it that you cannot express in your life? Find out what it is, grab on to it and focus this creative expression on a daily basis.

Emotions can ravage the delicate balance of the physical body. I have never worked with anyone who does not have some emotional component involved in their own health puzzle.

Even children can and do carry emotional issues from their parents. It is hard to believe, but an unborn child is aware of every emotion and every thought that its mother and father are feeling, expressing or suppressing. When you carry a baby, remember that you are guiding your child from the moment of conceptual awareness and every thought and action is transmitted to your baby. Even if the circumstances in your life are less than perfect, do your best to be positive about them.

Here are some of the ways to support your immune system:

• Eat healthy foods – organic and hormone free if possible. The foods that you eat affect every cell in your body including your immune system.

• Visualize your self well. Imagine YOU in a vibrant state of well-being.

• Get a good sleep every night. Focus on creating a “healing chamber” in your bedroom. Chose colors and fabrics that are healing and nurturing. Sleep with the right person – someone that you love and are in harmony with.

• Take supplements that support the immune system – a good multiple mineral/vitamin, digestive enzymes, vitamin C and fish oils.

• If you have suffered with a serious illness consider intravenous vitamin therapy. This form of nutrition offers powerful immune support.

• Respect yourself, your body and your life. Treat it like a treasured item.

• Think happy thoughts. Be a beacon of love and spread this love around.

Caroline SutherlandCaroline's Bio: Best-selling author (The Body 'Knows') and medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland. Medical Intuition is the ability to see beyond the normal levels of perception and if you are looking for answers to your health concerns – the common health problems that affect us all. Caroline offers a FREE Monday night Teleconference. Caroline will answer your health-related questions and offer “spot readings” giving you a fascinating glimpse into the world of medical intuition. If you are constantly tired, have cravings, gain weight or have health challenges - this show is for you! - Caroline Sutherland Website

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