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Embracing the Process - May 2020

By Lyndsay Blais

A creek running through green woodsBy now, perhaps you have already enjoyed some success along the path to your goal, and you have likely also encountered a challenge or two along the way. As we step forward into the month of May, regardless of where you are on the path to your New Year's resolutions, the most important thing, more important even than what has happened this last month, is where you put your focus now.

Part of the process as you move towards any goal, is to cultivate the traits and habits it requires in order to achieve the outcome you have set out for yourself. If you already possessed them, then you would easily have the result already. Faltering along your path, the first few weeks in, or anywhere along the line, is simply an opportunity to reframe the experience as “learning what doesn’t work”, rather than believing it’s an indication of your inability to achieve your goal.

It’s easy to get caught up in feeling bad, or giving up on our goals when the going gets tough, and while I am the first to agree that it doesn’t feel good to struggle with a new habit, it is entirely up to you whether you buy into a story that says, “what’s the point, I’m never going to be able to get in shape, or quit smoking or…(place your goal here)” vs. “boy, that sure didn’t give me the result I was hoping for, I’m going to have to change my approach if I want a different outcome!”. Just imagine, how motivated are you after the first statement? What about the second? Both options are available to you, and both approaches create a very different energy. Sometimes along the path to our goals, we forget that we have the power to choose which thought we focus on.

As I move forward on the path to my personal goals this year, I am frequently reminded about how far I am from my destination. When I focus on that distance and let the fear of failure prevail, I notice how little motivation and energy I have to keep going. However, when I choose to focus on the next task in front of me – I get to work and I don’t waste my time worrying about the results I have created thus far…I evaluate them, and adjust accordingly. I firmly believe that the person I am becoming through the process is more significant than the end result. In fact, the glory of accomplishing any goal is short lived, however the traits, characteristics and habits one develops along the way endure long after the achievement is forgotten by others.

So if you are feeling less enthusiastic the first week of May than you did on New Year’s day when you committed to your 2015 goals…think back to what motivated you in the first place, envision who you will become on the way to your goal to remind yourself why you are committed to doing what it takes, and then take action. It’s hard to remain stuck when you’re busy working on your goals.

Embracing the process as a valuable part of the journey…

Carpe diem!

Lyndsay BlaisLyndsay's Bio: Lyndsay Blais, creator and facilitator of the Embracing Change Program; Assisting Individuals through Career and Life Transitions. Contact Lyndsay in Penticton, B.C. 250-809-5399 - Email

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