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Embracing the New Year! - January 2020

By Lyndsay Blais

As we welcome in 2020 and revel in the memories made throughout 2019, you may find the New Year full of a mix of hope, plans, excitement, nostalgia, and perhaps a sprinkle of fear of how fast time is passing by!

Capitalize on the energy of the New Year with fresh commitments to yourself and your goals. If you have found it difficult to keep on track with your goals in the past, take a new look at what you would like to create for yourself in 2020.

What if you decide to only make commitments to yourself that you knew you could keep? What would that do for your self-confidence? Part of the reason people tend to make lofty resolutions outside of what is realistic is that it seems there are no serious consequences if one fails to keep them. The reality is that the price we pay for breaking these agreements with ourselves is much higher than we can even imagine.

The purpose of a New Year’s resolution is to provide the opportunity to start anew, move forward and achieve something that we desire for ourselves. What we don’t realize is that a series of broken agreements makes it very difficult to believe that we will in fact do what we say we are committed to, and our confidence and self-esteem pay the price. What if instead, we make our goal “committing to something that we know we can and will do” so that we can create the habit of keeping our word to ourselves?

So why might that be a worthwhile goal? The success and feelings of accomplishment that come from doing what you say you are going to do, will carry you forward as you commit to the next goal, and the next and the next. You can baby step your way to any goal you like, but start small by building up your belief in yourself by keeping your word.

Building on this commitment to self is like building a strong foundation, one that can weather any storm, or get you back on track should you happen to falter.

The best tool I have used to date for helping me commit to my goals, and commit to the steps that are going to get me there are as follows:

  1. Clearly define the Goal

    Picture your goal in it’s completed form. How will you feel when you accomplish it? What are some of the reasons behind the goal for you? Do you want to feel better about yourself? Improve your health? Have more energy to do things you enjoy? Create better relationships? These reasons are more motivating than “I want to get into shape”.
  2. Decide what actions are necessary to get you there & make a plan.

    Are you adding new habits or changing unhealthy ones? Either way, you are likely going to encounter some internal resistance. It takes 21 – 30 days to re-wire our brain so that our daily actions form new habits. In the stages of learning, this difficult stage is called “conscious incompetence” – we recognize all we don’t know. However, with perseverance, once we get through this stage, we look back and feel great about how far we’ve come. Tools such as visualization and affirmations can support this re-wiring process.

  3. Take action, daily! Or as NIKE says, “Just Do It!”

    What is it going to take for you to inspire action? Nothing happens without some form of action on your part. Just begin; start with one small step, then the next and the next, and with repetition, it will get easier. When it’s not easy, or you get off track, instead of giving up, take another step in the direction that you desire to go…it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. There aren’t many goals that come without their challenges, it’s the journey so they say, not the destination that makes it all worthwhile.

This approach coupled with positive affirmations and visualizations and a clear picture of your desired result will get you where you want to go while allowing you to enjoy your journey!

Carpe Diem – seize the day, along with the beautiful beginning of this brand new year!
- Lyndsay

Lyndsay BlaisLyndsay's Bio: Lyndsay Blais, creator and facilitator of the Embracing Change Program; Assisting Individuals through Career and Life Transitions. Contact Lyndsay in Penticton, B.C. 250-809-5399 - Email


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