Development of Your Intuitive Mind - April 2021

By Catherine Awai, Okanagan Valley, BC

Sacred Ireland Tour with Nancy and Maria Carr

Develop your intuitive mind is a program that supports the development of your intuition in order to know yourself better. This knowledge can lead to greater awareness psychically and thus greater understanding of energy and improved health at all levels of our being. There are several different workshops each providing a deeper understanding accessing the intuition we all have.

The techniques taught in this program come from the ancient mystery schools. They have traditionally been passed down orally from teacher to student.

Level one focuses on knowledge of self. A form of conscious meditation is taught. This meditation can be done anywhere, it is easy to learn, can enhance a regular meditation practice and is often effective for those find meditation difficult. Level Three offers the experience of learning a specific healing protocol. This effective technique is done in a chair. There are also two techniques for distance healing taught.

On its own this meditation is a valuable tool to help keep us grounded, clear and calm in everyday life. It also becomes the basis for a self discovery process and for several techniques used to clear our own energy field promoting health and wholeness of body mind and spirit.

In level two the understandings of level 1 are expanded to encompass the process of doing a psychic or soul reading for another.

A course on the Akashic records is a one day experience requiring completion of level 2. Visiting the “Book of Life” as Edgar Cayce calls it is a fascinating experience. You meet your guide and have the opportunity to deepen your self understanding through questions you may pose.

Another aspect of this program is the offering of group readings. These readings came to be when Nancy was guided to use her abilities as a clairvoyant healer to work with groups of people. After tuning into the unique vibration of the group Nancy uses the concept of the chakra/energy system as the basis for a reading and healing. Because the group vibration is composed of many single vibrations healing also often happens in an individual level.

The Development of Your Intuitive Mind workshops are presented by Nancy Rebecca and Yvonne Kilcup. Nancy and Yvonne are both nurses and Certified Healing Touch practitioners. Nancy also teaches Healing Touch.

They have a full time practice in Tacoma Washington as Medical/Spiritual clairvoyants and travel to teach this material around the world. Their work with various indigenous healers adds richness to their program.

Nancy and Yvonne bring a unique blend of experience and intuition to these workshops and On-Line Courses as well as an upcoming Sacred Sites of Ireland Tour.

Catherine AwaiCatherine's Bio: A Healing Touch practitioner and Instructor in BC


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