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Depressed? Here are 10 natural treatments... - February 2020

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10 Natural Depression Treatments


1.       Check your diet

  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol as they can affect your mood.
  • Balance your food sugar intake by eliminating refined carbohydrates, eating small frequent meals and avoiding sugar.
  • Eat mainly unprocessed food and avoid preservatives and colourants.
  • Include cold-water fish such as salmon, tuna or mackeral in your diet. Eat nuts and seeds.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

2.       Herbal Supplements

  • St John's Wort
  • 5-htp
  • Relora   

3.      Nutritional Supplements

Multi-vitamins and minerals; choose a product with the optimal amount of each nutrient rather than one which covers the bare necessities.

Protein and amino acids; Amino acids are the building blocks of every cell in your body, lacking in any of them can cause imbalances.

4.       Exercise

Studies have shown that as little as 30 minutes of exercise three times a week can help to relieve depression due to increased levels of serotonin and endorphins.

5.       Laugh

There is no doubt that laughing elevates the mood. Watch funny movies, spend time with children, play games, discover what makes you laugh and use it! Enjoy the positive effects of laughter.

6.       Spend Time In Nature

Being in nature acts as a natural depression cure because increased exposure to sunlight increasing Vitamin D and serotonin production, both positively affecting your mood. Go to the beach, visit a waterfall, enjoy a hike, have a picnic.

7.       Touch

Touch has been shown to be useful in treating depression. Give those around you hugs, go for massages and other touch therapies as often as possible.

8.       Sleep

Sleep is a time for your body to regenerate and bring things back to balance. Lack of sleep decreases the body's ability to regenerate, increases stress hormones and can lead to long term dysfunctions.

9.       Reduce Stress

Recognize signs of stress, pause and breathe. Take time for yourself, have a bath, read a book, spend time in nature, enjoy a treatment, do yoga, and learn to just be.

10.   Maintain Relationships

Don't underestimate the importance of family and friends when you are dealing with depression. A good support structure, a shoulder to lean on, the feeling of being loved and needed all help with alleviating and preventing depression.

This information is offered for its educational value only and should not be used to diagnose, treatment, or prevention of disease, contact your health care practitioner.

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