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Dealing With the Loss of an Animal - February 2020

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience

By Ann Turner

Ann Turner with her Grey mare

“I just lost the horse I had owned for 23 years.  He was my best friend.  I can’t seem to get over the grief, can’t stop crying and I want to move on but can’t, any advice on coping with this emotional challenge?


This is a question that gets asked so often, as many people have huge problems moving on and getting over the loss of a pet, sometimes it takes years.  I have owned and lost many pets in my lifetime, dogs, cats and horses.  Some have died on their own and others, you have to make that dreaded phone call to end your animal’s life, which is the worst of all.  It does not get any easier, but I have come to a more comfortable place now because of my spirituality, and I know they are only gone in body but not in spirit.  I see my animals regularly, galloping across the heavens, or sitting beside me in meditation, I have a whole zoo following me most of the time!  Whenever I call on them for advice they are always there, you only have to quiet your mind, ask the question and then listen for the answer.

Let me explain.  Life, both ours and theirs is eternal.  We are not born and we do not die, we are created in light and only our physical bodies melt away.  Remember Deepak Chopra’s famous words: “we are spiritual beings having a physical experience”.  Our animals are gifts to us from Spirit, they are here to be our teachers.  They also help us cope with our Karma and whatever we brought in to release this time around.  There is an energy exchange between us and our animals, ever notice how people and their pets seem to always have the same ailments?  It’s not an accident. I personally had a cat die of breast cancer at the age of 16, I asked her why after she had gone and she replied:  “you have important work to do here on earth and I went so you could live”.  It’s amazing what they do for us, keep showing up and keep on healing us even if we don’t know it.  We are not to feel guilty about this; we should just feel grateful for what they do for us.  In spirit there is no guilt, only love and understanding.  They are very well aware of what they are here to do, more so than we are most of the time.

We can prevent our animals from soaking up all our negativity, by clearing their energy with meditation, using crystals and by intent.  This is the best way to prevent them from absorbing our “stuff” so they can live healthy lives.  This is not always possible, though, as animals have previous agreements with the people they come to, so it’s all part of the lessons.  They are our Living Mirrors, and they show us the things we are here to learn.  Take care of your health, love all life, be kind and forgiving to yourself and others.  If life is eternal, and death is only a transition to another plane of existence, then we have no reason to be sad – apart from us being human right?  This is what I tell myself when I lose an animal, and I cry until the sadness is gone, don’t be afraid to let go of the emotion, or until there are no more tears to shed, I know that feeling.  

I recently lost the grey mare in the photo with me, she was 21 and it was time for her to go.  I have cried oceans and I still miss her, she was there for me emotionally when people weren’t.  And yet, the moment she crossed over she came to me with an incredible gift – she now helps me do distance healing and she has given me the detailed format of what the horses need me to do to help them.  I have come up with a complex questionnaire for the owners and the horse, and I have been told exactly how to proceed and what to ask, as she told me “I could not do this while I was on the earth plane, because my body was failing and just to get through a day was an effort”.  So now that she has dropped her physical burden, she was able to pass on this incredible gift to me, and I was blown away by the detail and the force of her energy in doing this.  I can literally feel her standing beside me and guiding me through the steps, unbelievable!! 

So to everyone that is grieving, take heart, allow the emotion to flow over you and the good news is you can invite your pet back to the earth plane in another body!  Oh yes!  You need to ask them, get their permission and they will choose when to come back.  They will even tell you what colour they will be and what breed, all you have to do is clear your mind, meditate, and pay attention to the signs that come your way – are you suddenly seeing German shepherds everywhere, or a certain type of horse?  This can be the animal signaling to you, this is where I am, come and find me.  Don’t ignore the subtle signs that show up, we always second guess ourselves, but guidance does not shout, it is a quiet but persistent voice.  The Ego shouts and usually is filled with fear, so learn to discern the difference. Until next month, Namaste. 


Ann TurnerAnn's Bio: Born and raised on a farm in Jamaica of Scottish/English parents, Ann found that she could talk to animals from a very young age. Her Spiritual/Intuitive gifts were just a normal part of her childhood, and she has grown over the years into a gifted Healer and communicator. Ann calls on the help of her Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Power Animals for assistance with her communications, and the grey horse in this photo – Silver – who is now in spirit form, is one of her greatest teachers. Over the years, Ann has become a Certified CHA Level 2 Coach, a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist with Equissage, and a Special Olympics Equestrian Coach. She has a very practical side to her healing, as she makes up custom herbs for her clients horses, as well as a very sound knowledge of veterinary work, diet and nutrition, riding and horse management. Ann owned and operated a 35 horse riding school in Jamaica, where several of her students competed overseas in the Samsung championships. For 11 years she co-owned and operated Wit’s End Equine Rehabilitation centre with her now ex husband. Ann is now on her own and bringing her healing gifts to the world and your animals. This lady not only talks the talk, but can most certainly walk the walk!! Ann has also written a biography of her life and its challenges It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and as an iPhone download. Check the website for details or phone 604-302-8229 - Ann Turner Website - Email

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