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How Do You Create Sacred Space? - March 2022

positive things messageOne of the most important things you can do to improve your health and uplift your soul is to create sacred space.

What is sacred space?

If you have ever visited a medieval cathedral, climbed to the top of a mountain or hiked deep into a redwood forest you have already experienced this for yourself.

There is quiet.

There is order.

In sacred space, your soul can soar because your mind is no longer distracted by the ordinary cares of the world.

Above all, you feel safe and protected.

Whatever guidance you need to receive drops in naturally because there’s simply no interference.

No clutter.

No detrimental energies.

No distractions.

Nothing pushing you, pulling you.

Everything feels in its own right place.

Although it may be easiest to feel this sense of sacred space in nature or a holy sanctuary, you can create this same energy field anytime anywhere by calling on the power of your archangels in each of the four directions:

Archangel Michael governs the South. He is the angel of the fire element.
Archangel Uriel governs the North. He is the angel of earth element.
Archangel Gabriel governs the West. He is the angel of the water element.
Archangel Raphael governs the East. He is the angel of the air element.
One of the simplest ways to understand energy healing is to grasp the fact that all illness, all disease, is simply a matter of slowed down vibration.

You have experienced slowed down vibration whenever you have suffered from a cold or visited a nursing home. Life feels as if it has almost come to a standstill.

All healing occurs when we put ourselves in a higher frequency energy field.

This could be a field of laughter.

We could surround ourselves with people we love.

We could walk in a beautiful garden, pray, meditate, receive hands-on healing, release the emotions that have kept us trapped in lower frequencies or take advantage of any other of thousands of highly effective natural healing remedies.

Author Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., calibrated various energy fields in the many books he published throughout his lifetime. You can print out Dr. Hawkins’ Level of Consciousness Scale for FREE at this link on my website Unlimited Energy Now.

Human energies exist on a spectrum of 0 to 1000.

Jesus, Buddha, and other enlightened sages who came to embody the Christ Consciousness calibrate at 1,000.

All frequencies below 200 are destructive to life.

Shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger and pride weigh down your personal energy frequency like a stone.

Dr. Hawkins calibrated the frequency of archangels between 50,000 to 500,000.

Simply put, the frequency of your archangels is so powerful you can call on them anytime, anywhere to create an energy field in which you feel completely protected, uplifted and unconditionally loved.

Here’s how to call on your archangels to create sacred space:

Set your intention to call in the archangels. 
Call Archangel Michael to the South.
Call Archangel Uriel to the North.
Call Archangel Gabriel to the West.
Call Archangel Raphael to the East.
Call on the Infinite Word of God above you.
Call on Mother Earth below you.

When would be a good time to create sacred space?

Whenever you feel physically threatened.
When you feel overwhelmed with negative emotion.
When you want to access your soul guidance.
Whenever you want to perform healing work on behalf of yourself or others.
When you are about to pray or meditate.
What is healing? Healing occurs whenever you establish sacred space.


Written by  Catherine Carrigan

More articles by Catherine at catherinecarrigan.com


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