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Astrology is Good Medicine - November 2018

The language of Astrology was intrinsic to the language of health, healing and medicine

By Michael O'Connor

Astrology is good medicine in the wide and deep sense of the term. A Natal Chart cast for the moment of first breath reveals a great deal about a person’s whole state of health. Astrology is Holistic and looks at the whole person. Our wholeness includes spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual aspects of being. Not so far back in history, Astrology was a prerequisite for the study and practice of medicine. The chart of a person offers what can be called a symbolic scanner or X-ray device.

The language of Astrology was intrinsic to the language of health, healing and medicine. Also, rules in accordance with natural laws of nature were always adhered to, such as when to and not to use a metal instrument for operation procedures. This rule was associated with the particular placement of Mars of the Horoscope in question. It was believed that should metal mix with a person’s blood on such days, death could result. Today, most medical practitioners would scoff at such ‘beliefs’. Yet, each year there are countless cases of people who die during relatively routine operations. Curious! 

Despite the marvels of science and technology, humanity is rapidly re-assessing what just a few short years ago were considered ‘superstition’. Breakthroughs in the study of mind\body connections, for example, are causing society to re-examine conservative attitudes towards health and healing. One reason is that this approach is pro-active and preventative. Second, sickness is not only unpleasant, it can be very expensive and not only financially. Chinese medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition science, energy healing, sound, color and crystal healing and mind/body connections in general collectively represent a healing revolution and re-emerging paradigm. I say re-emerging because these are all echoes of healing practices that date back centuries, most of it prior to the scientific revolution. The mind\body model can be simply summed-up with the word “Psychosomatic”. The Latin word for soul is “Psyche”. 

The Psychosomatic model works simply like this. Dis-ease and imbalance of any kind, even what we term “accidents” find their source in the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of being. These have for millennia been deemed “bodies”. There are at least three, probably five and perhaps more of these bodies. They are the energy field that surrounds us. They are what we call the “Aura”. Scientific studies such as “Kirlian photography” have proved their existence. Science has agreed that there is an electrical energy field surrounding and pervading the entire body. The ancients knew this as well and referred to this energy field as the Etheric body and the name holds to this day. Not only does this energy field pervade the body it also acts as a ‘connector’ between the various aspects of being – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

The following is a basic example of what Astrology can offer regarding what constitutes one’s whole health. Let’s simply look to the 4 elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. By way of a model, they constitute a simple yet eloquent formula for health. Fire is linked to the spirit, the capacity to love, self esteem and the will and inspiration to be creative. Fire implies action, energy, enthusiasm, vitality and generally refers to our lifestyle. Water is the element of emotions and how we feel about ourselves; whether we feel happy or depressed, secure or insecure. Water is also linked to empathy, compassion and understanding and to whether we feel ‘connected’ to our selves and to others and life in general. Air is linked to our mind, the way we think and perceive and the health or lack thereof of our language, thoughts, communications and attitudes. Air is also linked to our breath and by extension the quality of the air we breathe. Earth is the element symbolic of the body, our diet and nutritional intake and elimination of waste and toxins. Earth is also linked to our body structure and muscle tone and posture. Earth is also linked to practical planning and action and the cycle comes full circle. So, simply from an elemental level, we can see a synergistic picture, they can be regarded in any order and function inter-dependently or holistically. Remember, an astrology chart is like an x-ray machine, yet it sees the whole person and does not simply reveal parts. 

The following is an example of creating a whole state of health and well being. If we do not understand who we are as an individual, we do not know what we want or need to act upon and so will feel apathetic about acting. If we do not act we begin to stagnate and this causes us to experience blockages in our self-expression causing us to not like ourselves or others thus leading to a poor attitude about actively planning and engaging in experiences that will help us to better understand who we are. This kind of viscous circle creates a downward spiral of our energies due to blockages which are a by product of not being in-tune with ourselves which often result in states of repression, depression, anxiety and/or addiction. It is common knowledge that stress leads to disease which, if repressed over long periods, builds-up and manifests as certain forms of illness and can even lead to “accidents” and sudden death. So, simple self -awareness can be seen as the basis of preventative medicine.

When we actively engage our energies to create a healthy state of being then the fear of deep self-awareness is diminished. Knowing better who we are leads to knowing what we truly need. Once these all important things are known we then become optimistic and confident about our self and our life. When these four elements are working in such a way as this, our energy starts to spiral upward and we begin to experience harmony, health and wholeness. In this state, disease and accidents rarely, if ever, occur. This is a basic example of how and why Astrology, which is a holistic tool offering profound, practical insights into our character, constitution and destiny, is good Medicine!

Michael O'ConnorMichael's Bio: Michael O'Connor is a full time professional Astrologer/Numerologist. Michael has been a student of these and related disciplines for 30 years and a practitioner for 17 years. A popular columnist, lecturer, presenter and workshop facilitator, Michael brings enthusiasm, passion and a wealth of knowledge. Catering to an international clientele, Michael is dedicated to assisting people to be more self aware, in-tune, authentic, healthy, professionally satisfied, happy and successful. Able to address a wide range of questions and concerns, a reading with Michael makes for a satisfying and self-empowering investment. www.sunstarastrology.com Michael has a column called ' Wisdom Astrology ' and has written for OK In Health since June 2010. See home page for link to Micheal's weekly Soular Scopes. - Email

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