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Animal Guides, Totems and Medicine - November 2022

Animals will teach you if you allow them to!

By Kerry Palframan, RN

meerkat - all animal speak to us and guide us

Animal medicine means that a particular animal brings something into your life that you require at that particular time in your life. It is called medicine because the encounter or energy of the animal can help strengthen, heal, empower, restore, support or renew you at any level of your being - emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual – depending on where it is required the most.

The animal’s traits, characteristics, behaviours, habitat and symbolic meaning aid you and guides you step-by-step in your healing process. Animals will teach you if you allow them to and it’s as simple as calling upon their energy and essence and they are instantly at your service.

Animal totems can be seen as channels or frequencies similar to a radio depending on the need of the individual. Animal totems are your guides and come and go throughout your life as needed – even if you are unaware of their assistance. They offer you their traits, qualities and characteristics to use in your life to help you grow and move forward in the ways most helpful for you at that particular time. For example, if you need to slow down in your life, you may upon turtle medicine to help (for turtles move very slowly). But turtles also have a protective shell, so if you are in need of some safety, protection or security, you could also call on a turtle guide to assist you.

If you need to get creative and busy constructing and building something new in your life, you could call upon beaver medicine. To help you see something from a new angle or a higher perspective you could call upon an eagle guide to assist.

Animals have hidden qualities and forces in nature that you can access if you can attune with them and ask for their assistance or ask for their vibration and essence to be with you. Each animal exemplify qualities that you can learn from – qualities you need or are lacking in your daily life at that particular time.

Using the animals as spiritual tools along your individual journey – to guide you on your path of self-discovery is a great asset in guiding you through challenging periods of your life.

When a certain animal crosses your path – be in through an actual encounter, dream or just an image of an animal that catches your attention repetitively, than you can consider this animal a guide with a message for you. Learning how to understand the message is as simple as connecting your immediate thoughts or feelings about the animal to what is currently going on in your life. For example, if a bird catches your attention, ask yourself what birds mean to you – or what is special about this animal?  Many will answer “they fly” and therefore are connected with freedom (remember there is no correct answer – only the first thing that pops into your mind). If birds mean freedom to you, then ask yourself if you are feeling free at this time in your life or constricted.

Or if a fox catches your attention you may associate foxes with slyness and ask yourself if you (or someone around you) have been sly, cunning or clever about something recently – or has someone “out foxed you?”. 

Animals (including your pets) are on the earth to assist humanity and impart their wisdom. Unfortunately most of these teachings have been lost in our current cultural paradigm. Ancient cultures and civilizations (especially Native American Indians) honoured our animal friends as important guides in our lives.

To learn more about the simple ways you can begin to understand, not only your animal messages, but all messages from your higher self, angels, spirit guides and Your Creator order a copy of Kerry’s book Spirit Talk. Or you can ask your animal guides, angels and spirit guides questions (and receive the answers) while listening to Kerry’s guided meditation CD – Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides.

Kerry  Palframan, RNKerry 's Bio: Kerry Palframan, a registered nurse by profession, began delving into the world of the unseen to help her overcome life threatening illnesses. Kerry describes herself as an Indigo Dreamer – an intuitive (Indigo) guide to the spirit world (Dreamer) who helps individuals find and hold a vision of their potential to fulfill their soul’s journey. She assists her clients and readers in creating peace within themselves, their family, and their community, and on the planet. She gently and expertly leads others toward personal enlightenment, clarity, direction, insight, validation and vision. A gifted teacher, visionary, healer, spiritual medium and intuitive life coach, she now offers the wisdom of the esoteric and sacred ancient teachings in a powerful series of workshops, texts, book and a guided meditation CD. She brings forth information from Spirit as a service to all and offers Intuitive readings online, in-person, Internet or by phone. Read more about Kerry’s incredible story, free oracle advice, articles, workshop schedule and more online at her website or contact her by email or 250-494-8955. - Kerry Palframan - Kerry Palframan, RN Website - Email

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Ancient Ireland Tour 2023 with Nancy Rebecca and Maria O'Farrell Carr

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