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Unsuspected Causes of ILL Health - October 2020

Written by Gerald Morris

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Gerald Morris - Okanagan Thought Field Therapy

Not all illnesses are caused by germs or physical injuries. Have you ever heard the phrase, ”It is all in your head”?

Perhaps you know of people, who when they thinks certain thoughts, experience pain in their stomachs or feel the muscles in their neck and back tense up. Perhaps you have experienced difficulty breathing when you received distressing news, were in a very stressful situation or were reliving a past trauma. Maybe you know of a friend who, even though they have no physical injuries, can no longer work after experiencing a severe emotional trauma. Perhaps you know of someone who has gone blind or who has experienced paralysis in some organ following intense or prolonged stresses, but doctors can find no physical reason for the dysfunction. 

It is said that our thought is our reality, not our body. From life’s experiences we acquire many thoughts in various fields. Some of these fields of thought bring us assurance and confirmation. They are supportive havens of tranquility, pleasant fields for joy, or inviting repositories of love and learning. Other thought fields bring feelings of agitation and doubt. Some keep us locked in loops of anger and despair, while others bring about weakness through repetitive thoughts of inadequacy and unworthiness. 

Our thought can most definitely affect our health. In-fact, it is known that our thoughts affect our autonomic nervous system, which is the master control for all our other systems. The autonomic nervous system controls, digestion, respiration, the heart functions, body chemistry, the autoimmune response, the lymphatic system, involuntary movements, reproductive functions and the fight or flight response.

It is now recognized that our Autonomic Nervous System can be affected by our thoughts. Severe stress can be brought on by sudden intensive traumas, such as from disasters, or from long-term exposure to abusive or non-supportive environments. Such stress can cause the autonomic nervous system to go out of balance or lose vitality.

This can lead to dysfunctions in various organs or a whole bodily system. In some instances, it can cause the autoimmune system to dysfunction resulting in the situation where the body attacks itself.

The balance and vitality of the Autonomic Nervous System can now be measured by a Heart Rate Variability test. Numerous studies have show that the Heart Rate Variability score can be significantly improved through some new energy techniques.  Clients, especially clients with chronic or complicated health challenges, regularly report making significant improvements to both their emotional and physical health through these new techniques. 

Look for our next article “Psychological Reversals and Our Health” or for more information contact us at the Okanagan Thought Field Therapy Center. www. otft.ca

Written by

Gerald Morris. 


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