Complicated Health and Toxins - December 2020

Written by Gerald Morris

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Toxins present a complex subject! Universal toxins, such as heavy metals or snake venom, affect everyone. The severity depends on the dosage. However, some substances, such as peanuts, shellfish, perfumes, and gluten, affect only a few, causing no difficulties for others. These are called Individual Energy Toxins.

Some toxins affect the whole body; others affect a single organ or a bodily system such as the nervous system. Some may affect a group of muscles; others can affect a single muscle as in the case where someone cannot swallow a particular kind of food. Some toxins affect just the body, while others affect the thoughts and/or emotions, and some affect all three.

Individual Energy Toxins make health issues more complicated to diagnose and treat. A delightful perfume can be an uplifting experience for some, yet to others it can cause a debilitating migraine. Corn can be a nourishing food for some, but for others, can be the cause of hearing voices. A tomato can be a tasty salad ingredient for most, but the cause of emotional irritation, confusion and hyperactivity for a few. Imagine a client suffering, unaware, with three or four toxins at the same time. Diagnosis and treatment could become very puzzling. 

Because our bodies, thoughts and feelings are closely connected, it is often the case that a severe toxic reaction, such as near asphyxiation from a peanut allergy or a severe reaction to a medication, can trigger an emotional trauma. In such cases recovery from the effects of a toxin will require more than just flushing it out of the physical body; recovery will also depend on addressing any emotional disturbances arising from the trauma.

Our previous article for the OK In Health e-magazine focused on Physical and Psychological Reversals. In that article it was mentioned that healing cannot take place when there are reversals. Toxins are one of the causes of reversals and these can affect our physical bodies as well as our thoughts and emotions. Therefore, it is necessary to diagnose and correct all reversals before treating the toxicity and any physical and emotional issues that may have arisen.

Some common symptoms of toxins include: fatigue and physical pain; headaches, difficulty concentrating, and memory lapses; panic attack, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, and phobia; retaining water, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, sticky feces, and foul-smelling stools; red ears, jumpiness, rapid leg movements, hyperactivity, and the ‘heebie-jeebies’; rapid pulse, lower than normal blood pressure, high blood pressure (not due to temporary stress), increased heart rate, and heart fibrillation; constant hunger and extreme obesity; lower than normal temperature; complexity of treatments and worsening of symptoms.

With all the above issues surrounding toxins, diagnosis and treatment can be complicated. With current, normally-accepted procedures, this can be very time-consuming and expensive. This article aims to inform the reader that, over the last forty years, the field of energy medicine has made significant break-throughs in diagnosis and treatments. An example is the use of various biofeedback techniques for diagnosis. One outstanding technique is Voice Technology?. This technique can quickly discover the number of toxins, the types of reversals, and the emotional concerns involved. Complementing Voice Technology are some new, highly-effective treatment techniques developed by TFT founder, Dr. Roger Callahan, that have repeatedly proven themselves worthy of consideration.

If you have not as yet found answers to your health issues, you might consider this alternative approach. 

Article by Gerald Morris, Okanagan Thought Field Therapy.   

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