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What is the Gift our Animals give us? - September 2020

by Anita Unrau

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Anita's black dog
Gift: A thing given willingly without payment. The act or power of giving.  Something given.  A special ability. A natural ability or talent.  

Does this sound like your beloved pet? 
It sure does for most of the dogs and horses in my life who gifted me with unconditional love no matter what was transpiring in my life: good, bad or just everyday routines. Never once asking for that love back but knowing I was giving it back with my own affection, feeding, doctoring or whatever else needed to be done for them.   Each animal had a special way, unique to them, of showing how much they loved me.  It could be the heart to heart connection with a heart dog, pressing the side of her head into me for massages, showing me where her favourite itchy spot was or like my Bouvier, Griz, acting out my mental pictures. 

I would picture which horse I needed to catch and Griz would run down the pasture and bring that horse I had pictured in my mind,  back up to me.  We once sold an older, hard used horse,  to a man in his 80’s, shortly after we bought the horse, for his last cow horse on his cattle ranch.  The man later told us that in all the horses he had owned over his lifetime, this horse, Handsome, was the only one that would pick out the right calf and bring it to the cow that needed to come home and the only horse that would move the cow and calf through the gate when the man had climbed down, opened the gate, closed the gate, mounted back on the horse and headed home.  How amazing our four legged friends are!  Gifts that I would never have imagined without them in my life. 
What is the gift you received from the animals in your life?  

Sometimes it is up to us to bring out that natural ability or talents that our dog, horse, etc. has gifted to us.  It could be teaching our dogs to have boundaries (basic Obedience) or is it them teaching us how to have boundaries?  Our animals come into our lives with a job or duty to gift us with.  It could be learning life lessons or just giving us unconditional love.  Again, what would you say are the natural ability gifts the different animals in your life have given to you?  For me, my first horse, Skookum, taught me so much about caring and loving another being and listened to my teenage woes and let me cry on him many a time.  My German Shepherd, Chico, taught me about gentleness and being a warrior when needed.  

A friend didn’t believe us when we said Chico had been trained for guns and knives but flunked out of graduation class because he was not aggressive enough.  One day when we weren’t home, our friend came and knocked on the door.  Since we weren’t home he was going to test what we had said about Chico.  He let us know the results the next time we met.  Chico had followed him from truck to house then to the barn where our friend picked up a couple of horse collars and pretended that he was walking to his truck with them.  Chico wouldn’t let him near his truck.  Our friend could pack them around the yard but Chico was not letting anyone leave with our property.  In retelling his experiment, our friend told us how aggressive Chico got when he approached his own truck with our property.  Chico relaxed when the friend put the collars back in the barn and Chico let him get into his own truck and drive away.  What an awesome dog for our kids to be safe with, crawl all over him, yet know Chico could turn it on when he felt it was needed.  What a gift he was in our lives.  

Another great gift was the first Fjord mare we bought.  My daughter was only a few years old and spent hours on the ground when little, with this mare tied up near the house while she played with the mare grooming and anything her mind came up with to amuse the two of them.  My daughter would yell when she wanted to be lifted on the mare and I would go back into the house and continue with my day.  Another yell would come when she wanted off the mare.  What a perfect babysitter this amazing mare was for my daughter.  Once my daughter started riding she spent years and many miles with her companion.  The mare was finally retired from her babysitting duties when she was getting older and stumbling occasionally but still able to  produce offspring as gentle as herself.  What a gift for a young girl to grow up with, love and learn responsibility for another being.  Has your beloved companion given their own gifts to others in your life?

In the mornings I like to give Gratitude for the experiences, people and whatever has made my last 24 hours of life a wonderful memory.    Animals have been mentioned many times for the gifts of being in my life. 
What memories  come to mind that you can be grateful for that your animals gave you?



Anita Unrau
Animal Communicator
Anvil’s Acres Norwegian Fjord Horses

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