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Physical and Psychological Reversals and Their Effect on Healing - November 2020

Written by Gerald Morris

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Have you ever wondered about stories from your friends, family and coworkers that are similar to the ones below?

1.  A skiing accident caused a break in my right shin that never completely healed. Even though I can walk without difficulty, a red rash remains around the break area. Regardless of all the things I have tried, this rash persists. Could there be something preventing me from fully recovering?

2.  For years I have had a severe phobia about water. I experience fear around a swimming pool or lake, and don’t dare to drive by the ocean. Walking or driving in the rain or even taking a shower makes my stomach upset. Over the years I have tried many therapies and approaches, but nothing has helped me with this phobia. Is there something that we may have missed that is holding me back?

3.  I was diagnosed with PTSD after a very severe accident. I can’t stop replaying the accident in all its details in my dreams and thoughts. It is so consuming that it is affecting my relationships and ability to hold a job. I have tried lots of counseling and medications, but the torment persists. Is there possibly some new understanding or technique that can keep me from constantly reliving the trauma?

4.  I have an autoimmune disease that has been attacking my body for several years. As a result, I have chronic pain and other health limitations that heavily impact my quality of life. I have tried so many interventions without success. I have become hopeless and depressed from the constant pain. Could there be some underlying condition that can be treated to change things around for me?

In each of the above cases the person has tried many approaches and techniques over a long period of time, but continues to experience chronic physical or emotional health challenges, and seeks resolution. There is, indeed, a way through. The missing component is usually a Physical or a Psychological Reversal.

Healing cannot take place when a reversal is present. A reversal must be corrected before physical and emotional health can be improved.

It is widely established that the body has an electrical system. The voltage and polarity of this system can be measured using a voltmeter set to millivolts.  A healthy body has a positive polarity, and an unhealthy one has a negative polarity. Negative polarities can affect a body part, an organ, a system, or the whole body. When the polarity is corrected, there is no more Physical Reversal and the body can move forward with its recovery.

Our emotions and thoughts can likewise have reversals. These are called Psychological Reversals. Emotional and thought reversals are diagnosed using various biofeedback techniques: an excellent one is Voice Technology®. Some examples associated with a Psychological Reversal are dyslexia, self-sabotaging thoughts, and a negative outlook on life. Since our thoughts and bodies are interconnected, psychological reversals can also impact our physical health. Autoimmune diseases are a prime example.

It is easy enough to diagnose and correct negative polarity using voice technology along with some new techniques. So, if you ever wonder why a physical condition or emotional illness does not heal up even after the best of treatments, you might investigate the possibility that you have one or more reversals at play.

  Written by

Gerald Morris, Okanagan Thought Field Therapy.  To learn more visit otft.ca 

Look for our next article “Toxins and your Physical and Emotional Well-Being”.

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