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What My Journey In Animal Communication Has Taught Me - August 2020

by Anita Unrau

Anita's black dog
Is it Gift, Guilt and Grief or is it a Gift, Grief and Guilt? Like the chicken and the egg, which comes first, the grief or the guilt when you lose a beloved pet, who was a special gift in your life.

After 40 some years of raising and selling horses for a living, I decided that I would take an Animal Communication course to learn the proper way to communicate and build a business with something I had been using for many years.  I always worked intuitively with our horses and wanted to know the structure and proper protocol for Animal Communication.  From my very first class and formal connection with an outside animal, I knew this was something I was meant to do.  Learning the different techniques and ways to connect with people and their animals turned this lifetime experience into a business that I could do from wherever I happened to be as long as I had internet access.  With the raising and sale of our horses we spent a lot of time on the road for horse shows, competitions and delivering the sold ones, I was  thinking about ways to be of service in a way that lent itself to my being free to travel anywhere if I so wished.    
Little did I realize I would be spending about half my time connecting to  Animals that had passed over the Rainbow Bridge and how emotional this was for so many people.

Once I learnt how to bridge the gap between the human and their passed animal, I came to realize that almost every person had a tremendous burden of grief and guilt and sometimes it was hard finding closure once their beloved animal was gone. With a bridge established between the human, myself and the animal, the animal would explain to their human why things turned out the way they did.  Sometimes the animal had something to teach humans or maybe their job on earth was done and they were ready to go.  The who, what, when, why, where and how were usually answered when the animal was given the chance to answer the questions.  And they always gave homework for their human to do.  

While at a Health and Wellness Fair, where I had a booth promoting my Animal Communication Business, I had a man come up to me and ask what was an Animal Communicator.  I proceeded to tell him how I was a bridge between him and his pet and how about half my time was for animals that had passed over.  I then mentioned how I came to realize so many people were distressed with grief and guilt over the loss of their pet, sometimes from years ago, and how the animal would communicate the reason and/or why the details in their passing.  He then mentioned that he knew exactly what I was talking about as he had lost a family member and experienced the same reaction until they was able to find closure after connecting with a medium.  

Not only am I helping others come to terms with their grief but every animal also teaches me something that I can implement into my own life.  

I made a conscious decision to not remember when connecting to an animal so that if I do a repeat connection it is fresh from that moment with no past baggage hanging in the air to colour my information.  It is my way of being in the NOW for each reading.  

What is the gift our animals give us?
(to be continued in next month's Article on OK In Health eMagazine)

Written by

Anita Unrau
Animal Communicator
Anvil’s Acres Norwegian Fjord Horses

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