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The Seven Rules for Intuitive Health - November 2022

How to create a healthy mind and body.

By Mona Lisa Schulz

After 20 years as a medical-intuitive advisor, I realized that teaching people how to listen for the intuitive message behind the disease wasn’t enough to help them create true and lasting health. My clients needed to know how to effectively respond to what their intuition was advising, and how they could learn to heal their lives and assist in healing those around them.

Each of the seven energy centers of the body depends on following a rule that involves balancing two seemingly opposite or contradictory qualities in our lives. I call this set of balancing acts the Seven Rules for Intuitive Health. Just as harmonized brain function depends on having both the left and the right hemispheres in sync, healing body and mind in each of these seven energy centers or chakras involves following a rule to balance dual identities and engage two paradoxical mind-sets simultaneously.

Rule 1: All for one, and one for all (balancing the political and the personal). The health of the first chakra—the bones, joints, blood, immune system, and skin—involves attending to your individual needs while negotiating your way successfully in groups, whether they’re your family members or people in other organizations.

Rule 2: To be a lover, you need to be a fighter (balancing money and love). The health of the second chakra—the lower back, reproductive areas, and sex organs—involves balancing finances and relationships. It also involves being able to develop the sometimes feisty and detached persona of an entrepreneur balanced with the sensitivity needed in an intimate relationship.

Rule 3: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, you’ll get what you need (balancing self-esteem and responsibility). The health of the third chakra—digestive tract and weight—involves reconciling your tendency toward wanting to boost your self-esteem by feeding your cravings and desires . . . with fulfilling your duties and responsibilities at work and in your personal life.

Rule 4: Got to love her madly (balancing partnership and emotional health). The health of your fourth chakra—heart, breasts, and lungs—involves being able to be in a partnership while simultaneously maintaining your emotional sanity, balancing your emotional needs with those of the partnership.

Rule 5: Sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind (balancing assertive and compliant communication styles). The health of the fifth chakra—neck, thyroid, mouth, and teeth—involves developing a sense of when to be boldly assertive and stick to your position and when to be compliant and yield to another’s will.

Rule 6: I know I’m different, but from now on I want to try to be the same (as other people) (balancing conservative and liberal mind-sets). The health of the sixth chakra—eyes, ears, and brain—involves developing a flexible and adaptive mind-set. This means having the capacity to sometimes hold structured, traditional views and at other times have a broader, less structured approach—occasionally agreeing for the sake of keeping the peace (and tolerating the difference in mind-sets by agreeing to disagree); and at other moments when necessary, sticking your neck out and disagreeing with all others.

Rule 7: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (balancing life-threatening illnesses and revising your life’s purpose). The health of your seventh chakra—your longevity and your capacity to survive a life-threatening illness—involves learning how, at each stage of your life, to be able to pursue your individual purpose, as well as how, when faced with potential death, to reconstitute your spirit and realign yourself with a new focus and a new life goal.

Mona Lisa  SchulzMona Lisa 's Bio: Dr Mona Lisa Schulz is one of those rare people who can cross the borders of science, medicine and mysticism. Dr. Mona Lisa has published 3 books, The Intuitive Advisor, The New Feminine Brain and Awakening Intuition. - Mona Lisa Schulz Website

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